Communicate with purpose to create an  impact.


We create strategies tailored to the needs of our clients and designed to achieve their objectives.  


We develop content to support communication strategies using appropriate messages and elements.


We will let your message be heard in the media using our expertise and experience.


We will create your online brand assets to build an engaged audience.

“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” 
– Theo Gold

Story Telling 

It is important to let your audience know the impact your brand has in the community. 

Media Content 

The content of the message you want to share in the media should be carefully crafted.  

Editorial Structure 

Using the right digital platforms and messages should be key for your success.  


We have experience creating communications strategies, campaigns, advocacy, and development messages for your brand. 


We are an Emmy® award-winning team, and we will tell your story in hand with the most outstanding professionals in the market.


We will put your message in the media using our newsroom expertise; we know how to create the right message for the proper outlet.  


We are experts in creating strategies for communicating your message using new technologies.

Working together

Silvana Quiroz 

Founder & CEO

Emmy award-winning journalist with many years of experience in Communications, Media, and Public Relations.  

Giovanni Delfino 

Marketing Director 

Expert in organizational management, research, and analysis of market and consumer behavior, decision-making, and public policy.

Pamela Martin 

Communications Specialist 

Over ten years of experience in the public and private sectors, specializing in communication and marketing strategies in traditional and digital media.

Nestor Bravo 

Creative Director

Emmy award-winning videographer and Director with experience creating audiovisual materials.

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