Creating with purpose and passion to originate action.

Our work is done with purpose and passion that is reflected in the final result.

In addition to creating strategies, we tell stories with powerful value that impact and originate action.


We can strategically tell your story to your audience delivering and drafting specific messages to create impact.

Mi Familia 

We produced a feature video to tell the story of the mental health program Mi Familia from La Clinica del Pueblo. The mini-documentary told the story of three families reflecting 20 years of work and the impact the program had in the community.

The video won the Emmy Award in the Diversity / Equity / Inclusion category this year.   

Nueva Vida 

We wanted to highlight the work Nueva Vida has in the community offering free cancer screenings. We created a special segment during the Telemundo show Silvana Quiroz Presenta. We told the story of a cancer survivor, had a on camera cancer screening and a special interview with Nueva Vida’s  Director. 

The special segment won The Emmy Award to bes Health Program in 2019.

LCLAA 50 años 

We created the 50th Anniversary video for the Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) highlighting the history and the changes the organization has had through time. We interview pass members and people who worked in the past. 

The was was presented during the Gala celebration and had an standing ovation. 


We have experience creating communications strategies, campaigns, advocacy and development messages for your brand. 


Having a Communication’s Plan is crucial to any brand and organization. We help you develop one up to your necessities. 


From drafting a plan to identifying resources to creating fundraising campaigns, we can help you take your organization to the next level. 


We create campaigns with culturally appropriate messages.  

Market Analysis

 We will identify the needs of your customers to create a long term plant to achieve your goals and objectives.


Using our newsroom expertise, we not only create the right message but we make sure it is feature in the media. 

Casa Ruben 

We helped Casa Ruben Foundation promote their Mobile Clinic. Dr. Peralta was feature in Good Morning Washington from ABC 7 and in Univision, Telemundo, Radio La pantera and El Tiempo Latino. 

During the Covid -19 Pandemic 

While working at La Clinica del Pueblo, we craft the appropriate message for each audience in English and Spanish even creating all the elements newsrooms need to create a story or use as part of the news. We raised LCDP’s media presence on a 90%. 

PGCMLS in the media 

As a communications specialist, our founder helped the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System deliver the right message to promote their events and also during moments of crisis, the library’s PIO was feature on all the local media in English and Spanish. 


We are experts in creating strategies for communicating your message using new technologies.


We design, build, support, and evolved all types of web-based software with culturally appropriate content.

Social Media 

We transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, monitoring engagement, and increased followers. 

Blogs and Newsletters

We write and create an editorial angle for your blog and newsletter. 


We offer the production, and post-event tools you need for stunning streaming events, conferences, summits or meetings.